Sleevomatic Mini 2.0
Screw-on USB Drying Fan for FleshLight with Stand


New updated version 2.0 now comes with the following:

  • Magnetic USB Fan Attachment
  • Faster Fans than version 1.0 (2023 or older)
  • Re-designed endcap with built in air funnel for faster drying
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Introducing the Sleevomatic Mini 2.0 (Standard Fleshlight Edition) – the next evolution of our highly acclaimed Standard Fleshlight dryer. Building on the trusted and innovative features of the original Sleevomatic Mini, the 2.0 version brings an enhanced drying experience with significant improvements for greater efficiency and versatility.


Features & Benefits:

Enhanced Drying Time – Equipped with a new generation of faster spinning, more powerful USB fans, the Sleevomatic Mini 2.0 dries your FleshLight in record time, reducing drying duration considerably.

Modular Design – Introducing the innovative Magnetic Fan Attachment, this feature allows for quick and easy disconnection, making the dryer not only easy to store but also versatile in its use with other Sleevomatic products, such as the Sleevomatic Pro and Kiiroo-specific models.

Efficient Air Flow – The newly designed built-in nozzle funnel precisely guides air directly through the center of the Fleshlight, ensuring the most effective and thorough drying possible.

Versatile Compatibility – Maintains compatibility with standard size Fleshlight cases, incorporating a vertically positioned drying stand to maximize water dissipation.

High Performance – Features a high CFM centrifugal fan that surpasses conventional axial fans in air output, paired with a quiet yet powerful dual ball-bearing fan rated for over 100,000 hours.

Compact and Discreet – Remains compact and discreet, maintaining its portable design, ideal for discreet use and easy storage.

Lifetime Sleevomatic Warranty – Every purchase comes with our promise of quality and satisfaction. Should you encounter any issues, we’re here to make things right.

Fast, Free, Discreet Shipping – Your privacy and convenience is important to us, which is why we ensure that shipping is not only free but also discreet.

Whether you’re upgrading from the original Mini or looking for the most efficient dryer for your Fleshlight, the Sleevomatic Mini 2.0 offers unmatched functionality and improvement. Get ready for a faster, more flexible drying experience that keeps your device in peak condition, effortlessly.



Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in